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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Improved Motorcycle Insurance

An already good motorcycle policy from a really good insurance company just got better.

A new and improved motorcycle insurance policy, with beefed-up discounts and beefed-up coverage, is now available from a leader in motorcycle insurance, Dairyland.

This means: Targeted discounts that ensure the best rates for the most-deserving bikers.

In addition to discounts for…

  • Being a HOG,
  • Being the owner of your home, and
  • Coming to us with your bike already insured,

new discounts are available for…

  • Anti-theft devices,
  • Paying the policy in-full each year,
  • Having a motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license,
  • Timely payment of your insurance premiums (discount is earned on the renewing term) and,
  • A loyalty discount when you purchase a new bike (the premium will be lower than it would have been had you been coming to the company for the first time.)

Broader coverage options now available:

  • Deductibles that get lower each year until they disappear,
  • Reimbursement of expenses you incur if you are on an excursion and your bike breaks down or is stolen,
  • Coverage for yourself when riding a bike you don’t own; with access to your own policy’s liability limits (so that you are not limited to whatever coverage the owner had),
  • Dairyland will replace the accessories you add to your bike, up to $20,000.
  • They will pay up to $2,000 for damage to your safety apparel when you’ve bought comprehensive and collision coverage,
  • They will insure your vintage or high-valued bike for the amount for which it is appraised,
  • And if you travel and don’t want to trailer your bike, but you want to ride while you are at your desintation, Dairyland will extend Comprehensive and Collision coverage from your policy (with your deductibles) to a bike rented from a “certified facility”.

As you can see, Dairyland knows motorcycles and has the expertise to quickly and easily settle claims on them. They ought to; they’ve been insuring bikes for more than 50 years.

We are proud to be Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agents because we are able to spot and contract with outstanding companies like Dairyland.

(You knew this was coming; a lame legal disclaimer: Look, I didn’t write the policy and Dairyland has granted me no right to give you coverage beyond what is in the policy.So, if anything that I wrote can be picked apart in court by your legal beagle, it doesn’t matter.I’m tellin’ you right now, the only coverage you are entitled to is the coverage that may be found in the policy they send you – that seems fair to me. So, if you want to get persnickety about something I wrote, it’s not going to work – because I hereby disclaimed it. You, or your lawyer, is going to have to read the policy for yourselves to find out exactly what’s covered, and not rely on the lame synopsis above. I hope you’re cool with that.)

By the way, you may be asking, ‘Why did they name the company Dairyland (rhymes with Maryland)”? Well, they are headquartered in Wisconsin. So, they quip, “It was either Dairyland or Cheesehead”.

Good choice, Dairyland.

Thanks for reading.

Gardiner Marek, Jr. CIC